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If you own a dog, you're gonna have to get stuff for him or her.

Between food, veterinary visits, grooming products, flea, tick and heartworm deterrents, treats and toys, that furry, four-legged friend of yours is going to make you regularly open up your checkbook or whip out your Visa card.

And the cost can really add up. You'll notice it every time you push your wobbly shopping cart filled with huge bags of dog food, a comfy bed and some chew toys up to the counter at your local pet retailer. Fortunately, today you do have some options with shopping online in order to save some money.

If you spend some time browsing the better online pet stores, you will save money on necessary items such as healthcare products, carriers, toys, treats, grooming, shampoo, beds, clothes, collars and more. Will you save money on pet food? It's not likely. Large, heavy bags of dry food are still usually best to purchase at your local retailer.

Three of the top online dog stores are:
Pitbull Supply may be the best shop to browse for dog supplies customized for the Pitbull Breed.
PETCO offers a complete selection of products and accessories.
My Dog Supplies offers a complete selection of products and accessories.

The two best shops for getting prescription and non-prescription pet medicines and health-related products at good prices are:
Entirely Pets has the safest items for flea, tick & heartworm control.
1-800 PetMeds is America's biggest pet pharmacy.

And remember that fleas and ticks can be your dog's worst enemy. So start your pets on flea and tick control medication before these parasites find him. Some medications offer heartworm protection as well. You can find the top brand name medicines at any of the three shops listed above.

So love your dog, have fun and save some money along the way.
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Popular dog supplies store for locating dog beds, clothes, toys, training equipment, grooming gear and other accessories for your dog.
Online pets supply shop for browsing collars, chew toys, treats, training gear, doors, groomer tools and other helpful accessories for your friendly canine.
Popular online dog medications for purchasing dog and puppy health medications, including flea and tick prevention products.
Well-known web pet meds shop for buying both prescription and over the counter pet healthcare medications and supplements.
Entirely Pets flea and tick products store for shopping for both prescription and over-the-counter canine health meds, such as tick and flea treatment products.
Dog toy and treat retailer for checking out fun doggie toys and treats.
Well-known web pet shop for finding beds, clothing, training supplies, treats, boots, walking leashes, grooming equipment and more fun accessories for your puppy.
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Dog offers a huge variety of dog supplies and products at wholesale, discounted prices.

1-800-PetMeds can protect your pet from fleas and ticks. And you can save up to 50% when you buy the best flea and tick products.

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