TOP 5 Dog Collar Stores Online .

Rank Company Name Phone Review Visit
1 Pitbull Supply Discount: $1.00 $ 0.10
2 My Dog Supplies Discount: $2.00 $ 0.20
3 Description Discount: $3.00 $ 0.30
4 Description Discount: $4.00 $ 0.40
5 Description Discount: $5.00 $ 0.50

Their is so many options online for dog collars so it makes it really hard to choose which one to go with because a lot of stores just carry the same old generic dog collars. We decided to make a list of the top stores that carried collars that you can’t just find at your local store or at a Walmart.  A couple of these stores have collars they we could not find anywhere but on their website which we always wanted to have a reference guide for places online to get collars that we can’t find. All of the companies we have listed we have checked references and reviews to make sure they are completely legit. We have even ordered from them to make sure we got the product they are advertising to sell. If you have any ideas on companies that should be listed on here please let us know and we would be happy to consider them.